Seed: Service & Team Bundle




With this bundle, you’ll be ready to create a strong foundation for your business, get organized, and get on the right foot with the right type of client for you. You’ll also have a strong understanding of providing an excellent level of service for customers, vendors, and/or guest teachers along with how to navigate a team dynamic successfully.

We impart all the years of our learning and knowledge to save you the time and trouble that we went through. We are giving you the shortcuts and the life lessons so that you can get started faster and easier on this journey. Please don’t be intimidated. We like easy, and we make things easy and fun for you!

You’ll hear some personal stories that help teach hard lessons learned.

You benefit from our bumps and bruises so that you can jump in with a strong foundation and hit the ground running. 

We wish we could have taken this course! Alas back in the stone ages of the internet, it did not exist.

This bundle includes the following 5 courses:


  • Learn how to set up your contracts so much easier than you think
  • Cover your rear end without spending a fortune
  • Determining your rates
  • Attracting the right clients for you
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Establishing successful communication methods


  • Self Discipline, Motivation and Momentum – oh my!
  • How to be most efficient and productive in a virtual environment
  • How to track your time accurately
  • Setting up Google Drive for clarity
  • Organizing your inbox for maximum productivity
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures
  • Project Management Platforms Best Uses


  • Determining the type of work you want to do
  • Attracting the best clients for you
  • Identifying red and green flags with potential clients
  • Saying no to a client when needed
  • Handling bottlenecks in a business
  • Acting as the gatekeeper for a client
  • Effective decision making


  • Providing an excellent level of service for customers
  • Building relationships with vendors and/or guest teachers
  • Creating a successful onboarding experience for customers/clients
  • Expressing appreciation and recognition through unique and budget conscious gifts
  • How to integrate yourself as a contractor while establishing client ownership for all business assets


  • Creating successful relationships with team members and outside contractors
  • Gain an understanding of how personalities interact on a team
  • Acting under the mission and values of your client
  • Ensuring work is covered during time off
  • Knowing your role on the team
  • Continuing education so you can shift your role if desired
  • Learn the best communication practices within a team